Burn out

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Complete depletion of energy or strength

Burn out occurs when a person increasingly encounters excessive and prolonged stress leading to a state of physical mental and emotional exhaustion. It occurs gradually over time leaving you feeling overwhelmed, emotionally drained and unable to meet the daily demands in your life. Characteristics of burnout include depression, lethargy and cynicism, which often has an effect on our home, work and social life.

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45-Year-old Elizabeth

See how Elizabeth regained her energy after a burnout

Elizabeth is a psycho-motor therapist. She loves her job but lives in a constant state of stress. She is married and has 3 kids, two young children and a teenager. Combining family and professional life required a persistent effort to maintain balance and a lot of energy. The more priority lists she made, the more she felt overwhelmed!

She experienced an episode of great stress following a very complicated family situation with her eldest daughter that suddenly awakened unresolved trauma from her own childhood. As it is often the case, she had to take a break from work. Elizabeth was at the end of her rope. She felt like she was losing control of her life. She no longer recognized herself, was angry about everything, and exhausted but could not sleep. Going to sleep at night was a source of stress and high anxiety.

After 6 months of psychotherapy and a few months before returning to work, she decided to try CAP as an approach to address repressed emotions other than by talk therapy.

CAP allowed her to trace the origin of her stress and reveal the deep wounds of childhood. Incorporating CAP with her psychotherapeutic work considerably enriched her ability to process the childhood trauma. It allowed her to distance herself from the pervasive suffering, and the undeclared anger that filled her life. She was able to return to work with a very serene mind and was able to manage her personal life and emotions in a totally new way. In the end she found peace within herself which helped her to nurture a beautiful relationship with her husband, and her children.


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Our process makes it safe to go back and get into your backlog, or whatever emotions you've been repressing. This is a gentle and unintrusive method to provide you with an ongoing process to release emotional blocks,unproductive behaviors, and cultivate a deeper inner awareness of your patterns.