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Restore Pycho- Emotional Balance

Transform negative unconscious emotions into creative energies

Catharsis Application Program

What is the Catharsis Application Program (CAP)?

The Catharsis Application Program (CAP) is an original therapeutic approach blending music listening and graphic expression.

Planet-CAP offers this remarkable and innovative program by connecting you with licensed professionals online. The methodology combines listening to uniquely composed musical selections while engaging in graphic expression coupled with writing and verbal expression. The process does not contain any guided visualization or self-suggestion.

This simple and effective methodology unfolds over 12-weekly sessions ideally on the same day and designated hour each week to establish a pattern for positive change.

The 13th week a final assessment is provided to assess vour journey.

You draw while listening to a specific music

Experience a playful and joyful surrender

Music triggers symbols and archetypes from the subconscious and unconscious while drawing is a natural and symbolic expression of our imagination that reveals, with images, colors, shapes, what emerges from our depths.

Either drawing is your mode of expression or not, the practice of drawing under a specific musical induction has a fertilizing and revitalizing effect on your health, relationship, creative thinking and creative helps all the layers of depth of your psyche to communicate and all your contradiction to begin the process of integration.

You stay true to what matters most to your heart.

With the CAP Program you discover:

Note: Artistic abilities are not required, only a willingness to express yourself through the medium of drawing

With the CAP Program you learn how to:

Benefits and Tangible Results you walk away with:

The solutions do not emerge from the outer world
but from your Inner Self to which you are reconnected!

MUSIC - Activates the visual cortex - Improve verbal IQ & mathematical abilities - Increase levels of melatonin, serotonin endorphins and dopamine - Improves memory performance, concentration and attention - Enhances emotional intelligence

DRAWING - Improves hand-eye coordination - Memories and experiences become stronger, more vivid, & easier to access - Enhances creative problem solving & intuition - Increase production of serotonin, endorphins, dopamine, and norepinephrine - Produces an overall state of alertness

Why is CAP unique?

Planet-CAP is the leader in expressive art therapeutic services offered online.

This innovative program can be employed by various fields engaged in self development such as psychology, mental health, personal development and speech therapy, to enhance the therapeutic or personal growth effect of each specialty.

Unlike other methods that are designed to lead you through visualizations, you are instead simply invited to explore an incredibly natural process that helps you to explore your inner world at your own pace. Drawing while listening to music is the expression of your internal environment - the images are coming from your own inner universe.

You will appreciate the high quality drawing material received with your program and how easy it will be to keep your work organized and feeling stress free with the assistance of your Planet-CAP facilitator.

These key points demonstrate the exceptional and constructive way that the CAP process is an effective tool which inspires personal growth and change:

A Unique Combination of Music and Drawing

Structured Environment for Verbal & Non Verbal Communication

CAP belongs to the field of experiential therapy. It is a therapeutic intervention firmly grounded in current neuroscience research, trauma theory, and in the use of emotions for positive transformation. CAP helps to process emotions in a constructive way and provides an emotionally safe environment to allow the release of deep-seated emotional blockages or emotions. In our everyday lives we tend to avoid difficult emotions in order to protect ourselves from pain and discomfort. With CAP a person can transform these challenging emotions into powerful and creative energy.

Feeling stuck and still dealing with negative beliefs or unproductive behaviors that are blocking you from feeling whole?

Still dealing with subconscious buried unresolved issues preventing you from fully accessing your core essence, experiencing positive emotions and feeling such as love, contentment, enthusiasm?

Still feeling that something is missing, even though you've already done extensive inner work?

Then our Program is for you!

CAP is a gentle and unintrusive method to provide you with an ongoing process to release emotional blocks, unproductive behaviors, and cultivate a deeper inner awareness of who you really are.

CAP helps you access what is really subconsciously in vour soul to emerge. It goes to the root cause of any issue without the need for a conscious and painful exploration of the past.

CAP brings past traumatic experiences to the surface and serves as a means of releasing the emotional baggage tied to them.


Music and drawing each play a role in stimulating the brain and thus affect brain plasticity - which explains their usefulness in many areas of application. Music improves various brain functions while drawing stimulates memory, intuition and the ability to solve problems in a creative manner.

Creative self-expression provides numerous health benefits. Whether your challenge involves a physical illness, the need to stabilize your emotions and/or enhance your well-being - expressing your creativity through art and music can be a viable and transforming process which leads to balance and vitality.

CAP is an effective, complementary method that can be used in conjunction with standard therapeutic or educational interventions. In many cases, CAP can enhance the benefits or reduce the time needed to obtain positive results from conventional forms of therapy. The CAP method can be used for both personal development as well as to obtain relief from many medical and mental health disorders or difficulties. It is suitable for children age 5 or older to older adults. CAP is also effective for individuals who are unable to communicate verbally.

What does CAP bring to you?

A deeper understanding of your emotional patterns:

The knowledge of your inner «terrain» as a starting point for identifying:

The Self-Consciouness and awareness that:

Emotions, which are difficult to articulate verbally, can have greater opportunity for release through artistic expression

The Process is astoundingly simple, yet extremely profound and effective

What people are saying?

"Last year, I had embarked on a journey to heal years of gastrointestinal issues more holistically. My doctor suggested that I find the emotional source of conflict and stress in my life. With the combination of Chantal's approach of using music, drawing, and dream symbology, I was able to look deeper into unresolved emotional issues from my childhood and let them go. Today, I no longer feel the anxiety I used to. I am much more calm and at peace. I have also discovered that I am no longer triggered by the things that once brought on high stress. As a result, I have brought my health issues under control by addressing the underlying source-old emotional wounds.!"

- B. P., Filmmaker

"I saw my entire life playing out in front of me: my childhood, my adolescence, all the years of my life going by. I saw the future before me.. no other process has had this type of effect on me. Despite the negativity in my life, I saw the good, and I felt at peace. This process really helps you evaluate and assess your own life!"

- Philippe Arnaud, Nurse

"From the beginning I heard music, I entered like a fairy tale, and images have really flooded. And I felt myself the character of the fairy tale that began in the tiny world of childhood, a lost paradise ... I had moments when I was in a desert of stones that fell from my heart; And then I found myself like never before in my life in a happiness being with myself."

- Gisela DemI, Teacher

""Each week, a new insight into my behaviors or subconscious patterns surfaced for examination and reflection. The process also brought images to my dreams each week, providing me with another layer of enlightenment about my beliefs and perceptions. I have been aware of the power of vibrational frequencies, and have seen first hand how music can change a person's attitude, but I didn't know it could help in accessing deeply-buried subconscious thoughts. Seeing and releasing my subconscious thoughts has had a ripening effect, where everyday brings a greater awareness, feelings of calm, and a deep peace of mind. No matter where you are on your path, you will benefit from experiencing this process.""

- Gabrielle Raumberger, Creative Director

How CAP Program Works

This simple and effective methodology unfolds over 12-weekly sessions ideally on the same day and designated hour each week to establish a pattern for positive change.

The 13th week a final assessment is provided to assess your journey.

The 13th week a final assessment is provided to assess your journey.

Expertise and Convenience:

Work from the comfort of your home with a team of professional dedicated to excellence.
We are here to help you to thrive and become the person you deserve to be.

Online consultation:

Our on-line consultations is easy to use and can be very helpful. A lot of new research shows that online consultations are very engaging and efficient. For children and adolescent, it could be more efficient that traditional services. CAP uses Zoom (or Skype), which is a free online service for video calls. Zoom (or Skype) allows clients to communicate directly through their computer in face-to-face meetings with their CAP facilitator. CAP uses also professional streaming via its website Planet-CAP for the musical session. The audio is high quality enhancing the listening experience.

To access the CAP program online you need a computer, Zoom (or Skype) access and a good internet connection.
For children under the age of 10, a parent will need to assist during the sessions.

The 13 Week-Program Fee is a complete package that includes:

Unique to CAP, is a personalized final assessment following completion of the program:

This evaluation will be directly supervised or performed by the founder of the program who has 30 years of experience in the field of drawing interpretation. In collaboration with your facilitator, the final assessment will provide you with all the needed information to sustain the efforts and results you gain through your CAP process.

The final assessment is offering insights into your journey. After completing the program, you will be provided with a comprehensive evaluation of your drawings and other information collected during the twelve session program. The series of drawings reveal your personal story through symbols. Through the assessment process you discover and gain new awareness into your inner world giving you the ability to live your life to your fullest potential.

After the final assessment, which uncovers a more symbolic and archetypal understanding of your experience, you achieve a consciousness that stimulates a process of profound change. This revelation will help you sustain the insights and liberating feelings achieved with the CAP experience.

Unique to CAP, is a personalized final assessment following completion of the program:

Confidentiality and Security for CAP On-line services:

Our online CAP module is password protected and only permits the CAP professionals and the client to sign into the meeting at any given time. Practitioners provide clients with the same privacy that would be afforded to them if the sessions were conducted in person.

CAP follows HIPAA guidelines for confidentiality and privacy. A more detailed description of our on-line services guidelines and procedures will be provided to the client prior to beginning CAP services

Our process makes it safe to go back and get into your backlog, or whatever emotions you've been repressing. This is a gentle and unintrusive method to provide you with an ongoing process to release emotional blocks,unproductive behaviors, and cultivate a deeper inner awareness of your patterns.