Personal Development & Life Transition

Problems of self-image & self-esteem, work transition, life stressors, shock, bereavement, divorce, improving relationships, search for meaning, existential issues

We all, at some time in our lives, experience a shock or grief and often are faced with stressors, which cause us to feel unfulfilled. We are sometimes in a period of personal questioning and desire to better understand ourselves or long to improve our relationship with family, children, spouse or co-workers. In all situations where we — or a loved one — feels overwhelmed by life events, it is important to find the right path to gain personal insight and recover a positive direction in life.


What CAP can do during life transitions and periods of self-questioning.

The CAP process offers an opportunity to travel on one journey without concern of the unknown or unexpected. With the ability to embrace the infinite possibilities of one's evolution, clients open their heart to discover the richness of life deep within themselves. CAP generates a movement, which motivates one to genuinely and authentically examine our life's path and inspires us to commit fully to being present in the world.


CAP helps with a variety of life issues and transitions at all ages.


CAP assists us to understand who we are and what we can do to improve our behavior and outlook on life. Drawing under musical induction is a time when we allow ourselves to let go and to process subconsciously. As we free ourselves from our usual way of communicating, we explore new personal insights that help us to understand ourselves in relation to others, how we interact with our family, how we make friends, how we perceive ourselves in society and how we behave towards others. It is from this place of global and inner understanding that we can grow emotionally and develop a better sense of who we really are and what we really want. As we become more connected to our emotions and to the emotions of other, our ability to be empathetic expands and we find a way to communicate compassionately with our children, family, partner, co-workers.


In all the phases of transition, CAP help children, teens or adult to make healthier choices professionally or personally, to clarify their life purpose.

EFFECTIVENESS OF THE CAP PROCESS during life transitions and periods of self-questioning
  • Appropriate for all ages beginning at the age of 6
  • Change negative thinking patterns which can create obstacles for growth
  • Cultivate a more understanding attitude toward oneself and others
  • Enhances focus and concentration
  • Explore destructive patterns of behavior which can impact personal and professional relationships
  • Improves communication nurturing healthy relationships
  • Helps children to manage feelings and behavior
  • Nurtures self-confidence and self-awareness
  • Discover approaches to cope with challenging life transition
  • Understand the meaning of symbols which offers daily insights to the Self
  • Most importantly deepens our intuition


"It lifts me up. I feel like I'm being carried away. Nothing can touch me; it's like I've found the way to happiness. It is victory, achievement, the attainment of accomplishment in my life. I no longer suffer. I am no longer subjected to that big empty feeling inside which nothing or no one can fill. It is a feeling of serenity, a feeling of resolution.”

 — Nicole Clerc, Nursing professional

ANNA 17-year-old

See how Anna regains her self-confidence

Anna is a very bright young teenager but very stressed by her academic performance. She can't seem to keep a realistic perspective on her accomplishments so when she doesn't achieve the best possible results, her world seems to be falling apart.


She has subconscious fears, which she doesn't understand. Her father is a university professor and does not always realize the impact his demands have on his daughter (his demeanor toward his daughter is bossy and exceptionally demanding). She admires and respects him but does not know how to talk to him to make him understand that he can trust her without imposing such an exhausting burden concerning her grades at school.


CAP helped her to give a voice to her fears, to get rid of them and to strengthen her self-confidence. She was able to talk to her father very peacefully and ultimately improving her relationship with him. She was able to still perform very well at school but without the stress.

Drawing #1 with music
Drawing #2 with music

“Today, I feel a bit disoriented, I don't know why. But I am happy all the same. I am scared of the future.

This thought comes to my mind without end. I feel distressed thinking about that.

I'm always scared of not being equal to the task, and that makes me strange sometimes !”

Drawing #3 with music
Drawing #4 with music
Drawing #5 with music
Drawing #6 with music
Drawing #7 with music
Drawing #8 with music
Drawing #9 with music
Drawing #10 with music

“I found this 'exercise' to be very interesting, but the first few times were difficult to bear: tears in my eyes (for real!), anguish, big black clouds! that during the sessions were erased. Nonetheless, I remain no less sensitive to all that music can express.”

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Our process makes it safe to go back and get into your backlog, or whatever emotions you've been repressing.

This is a gentle and unintrusive method to provide you with an ongoing process to release emotional blocks,

unproductive behaviors, and cultivate a deeper inner awareness of your patterns.




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When therapists choose to use the CAP methodology that combines drawing under musical induction, writing and verbalization, they provide their clients with a very efficient tool to become active participants in their own treatment and thus facilitate self-discovery, change, and restoration.

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Disclaimer: This program is not a replacement for psychological counseling nor medical diagnosis or treatment. It is intended for self exploration, and is not suited as a therapeutic intervention for mental health issues. Artistic abilities are not required, only a willingness to express yourself through the medium of drawing, while listening to music.