Transform negative unconscious emotions into creative energies

Client Feedback

This method, which uses receptive musical selections can be experienced with or without drawing to creatively express one's emotions. CAP facilitates the liberation of challenging feelings, the ability to cope with change and the capacity to manage difficult and painful situation.

The experience of listening to music and one's expression through drawing allows an awakening, which generates an emotionally stable mind where emotions can circulate fluidly. Emotional stability is essential in achieving a state of calmness free from anxiety, depression or feeling unfulfilled. CAP provides a way to express undesirable negative emotions while strengthening the positive emotions needed to thrive and to experience one's life at the fullest potential.

The following series of testimonials represent the impact a musical selection had on the listener. Across diverse environments the music produced a profound effect. We are touched and thankful by each person's rich and authentic response to the process.

Wewitness the music acting as a conduit, which unveils those memories and emotions that had induced a state of inertia. Such liberation inevitably encourages personal growth and a sense of wellbeins. As you will see in the following responses, the music evokes the spontaneous and deep expression of feelings and emotions.

"I treasure these discs and look forward to acquainting myself with the full set. On a very personal note, it is not an overstatement to say that the music contained really has helped me through what I imagine will come to be regarded as my annus horribilis, with bereavement, subsequent depression but hopefull, now, recovery." - Neil Horner - 2004 - Music Web International

  • "A superb and relevant cathartic music of and for our times but which is also timeless and is uniquely able to penetrate well beyond our surface defences and superficiality.." - Neil Horner, July 2004- Music Web International
  • "Finally I've reached the core - I am at the heart of the problem... tears are streaming down my face. Painful experiences... I am exorcising that which suffocates, engulfs, and controls me. It is as if this music has cleaned and pacified all of my past so that I can move on." - Nicole Cler - Nurse
  • " ...All are hypnotic. Whenever I turned them on, I inevitably find my first reaction is that the sound is too rich and heavy, but I leave them on, and often conduct my entire afternoon with them playing in the background. The result is restful and cathartic. They beat short term annoyances, fatigue, and any number of negatives. I suspect my NEA advisors would be horrified by this review, because reviewers have a responsability to be rational and incisive, but this music touches the emotion, in way that science would say are impossible. I enjoy them very much." - Extract from Robert W. Plyler in the Post-Journal - Jamestown N.-Y. Nov. 26, 2005
  • "I saw my entire life playing out in front of me: my childhood, my adolescence, all the years of my life going by; I saw the future before other music has had this type of effect on me. Despite the negativity in my life, I saw the good, and I felt at peace. This music really helps you evaluate and assess your own life." - Nicolas - auxiliary nurse in resuscitation
  • "You see a life unfold, calmness, running water, a couple... It is beneficial for people facing the last moments of their lives to listen to it - it allows them to close your eyes and forget their pain. It soothes you and allows you to "cross over.. " - Claude Damiano - auxiliary nurse
  • "This music doesn't impose itself; rather, it guides you. There is a central theme which is present throughout it. I saw many images as I listened. It was very melancholy yet positive at the same time. It helps you think about yourself and your life, and is something you can do at home by yourself as you listen." - Gabriel R. - student nurse
  • "I didn't feel comfortable at first because I felt like I was going to have to face painful memories…but this music is wonderfully beautiful and harmonious. I let myself be swept away...I start to collect all the scattered pieces of myself and I feel comforted, sure that I am loved! - Pascaline Plumejeaud - auxiliary nurse in resuscitation
  • "I thought about my past and my future, as if the music connected them. I felt like I was flying, and my body was light and free. People can see their lives. This music allows you to take a good look at yourself - it is connected with life." - A. -auxiliary nurse
  • "This music evokes all the memories in your life. It is positive and brings hope. The person who composed this music must have experienced many things to be able to translate what is essential in life with such subtlety." - Marie Luce - head nurse
  • "This music stresses me. It's too violent, what's happening in me. It's stuck in the bowels." Nicole says and then moans. "It's hard to get it out... all the violence... it's impossible... words such as abandonment, as rape... moment of silence... now I should be there beyond all that... it's coming. It is surprising, it is violent. I did not expect that. This magma of bubbling emotions... you have a hard time sorting it out. This is an oil well-she says as she makes a drill movement. Nicole describes the effect after listening to the music laughing and saying: "Well-being... you see I laugh at it. It's enough for today. Anyway, I made a big step forward. - Nicole Cler - Nurse
  • "This music relaxes you like a caress, like a mother. I am silhouetted against a rainbow, as if I were a bird. All of the painful moments in my life came back to me; I watched them with detachment from above as they came back progressively; they helped me grow up ever so delicately, as if I were walking on felt; it was like I had assimilated all of that and it became my own personal weapon to help me survive. And ever so slowly, I made contact with a great force. On that rainbow, I finally found that I was happy to be the woman I am today." - Nicole Cler - Nurse
  • "Music that touches you profoundly: I felt shivers down my spine and had tears in my eyes as soon as I heard it. I went back in time and saw my father, who is deceased. I relived the happy moments we shared together. Compared to other music - and I listen to a lot of different genres-no other music has ever moved me like this one did!" - Marcelle Pérea - aide-soignante

  • ' ...The benefits of Alain Amouyal's music... during my pregnancy I was tense because of numerous family problems... I listened to the tape and felt the tension in my head and in my muscles starting to erase little by little, and next felt a sense of well-being, a tranquility. At night, when I couldn't sleep, and felt very anguished, all I had to do was listen to this music and I would fall asleep. It facilitated contact with my baby ... I did some sophrology and this is when I had the best contact with my child. It taught me to love my child, and it incited me to breast-feed her. After, at home, I played this music and was able to have this same contact with my child again. At home, when all three of us are together, we listen to this music and we experience total well-being." - Mrs. Christiane Baud Richard
  • " ..To begin with, I must say that we orient ourselves towards music that facilitates relaxation and meditation. However, this music has never really 'got us in the guts' as much as the music that was played during the very first broadcast. For me, I personally " physically" felt the music, this music that "vibrates" in a very perceptible way. This perception was localized to the solar plexus and was very pleasant. I must tell you that I am seven months pregnant and that being in this state makes me especially attentive to pleasant sensations for both myself and my baby." - Mrs. Marie Claude Van Damme
  • I ...Going through the CAP process while pregnant really helped me intimately understand how this amazing technique can unearth hidden and repressed emotions that are holding a person back. I had a lot of questions about raising my own child and one particular CAP session revealed a very deep emotional wound that I was not consciously aware of inside of me. Dealing with that helped me move past part of an issue in my childhood and also helped me resolve one of my fears about raising my daughter. So, it really helped me a lot. It was really an integral part of my preparation for motherhood. "- Mrs Lindsay Preissner

  • " ...When I turned on my radio, your music caught my attention, which gave me a very special sensation. I am not at all keen on music, it was something completely different; I had the impression that it was the endless stream of a creation which came out of nothing, out of emptiness, it was as if I was in touch with the source of life itself and it gave me a wonderful feeling." - Mr. Roger Vinclair
  • "I have rarely heard music that so closely outlines the rhythms of life. In the music we can feel the rhythm of the sea, the rhUThm or breathing and the ravthm or oVe IT is a wonderulmusi rhythm of breathing and the rhythm of love. It is a wonderful music, even if we don't consider its possible therapeutic qualities." - Mr. Michel Caubergs

  • "Relaxation, in stages, until arriving at a deep relaxation. Overall, I wanting to cry. We all hope that life would be as kind as this music. We never come in contact with a lightness such as this on earth. It is like a forest breeze. It's good for helping one fall asleep. This music allows one to disconnect, for a moment, from the pain. It is a true aid to relieve suffering." - A., nurses' aide
  • " ...The evening when M. allowed me to listen to your N°5 CD, it was like putting ointment on the sores of my soul. A fundamental return to peace, that hardly excludes beautiful, grand, real-life feelings; it can alleviate much suffering and pain, but that takes into account universal beauty. I felt in profound peace with the Universe, in infinite time. It is also a solid base of balance into which we would more often like to dive, and time erases itself in the context of the music, a context based on temperance and serenity. The Earth hinders me. The weight of my spirit too. My dear Alain, your name is the name of my boyfriend that left me with so much pain and I must express to you how many hours of peace your music gave me in the disarray of my broken heart..." - Unknown
  • ". ...This music gives off an impression of instantaneous freedom, without evil or pain, in relation to the constraints of human and terrestrial life... needs, suffering, limits of the conscience. It is a type of music that has a soothing effect without confining us in a sickly sweet, aesthetic cocoon, but on the contrary releases us from time, space, and all of our limits..." - Mrs. J. Michel
  • "While I was listening to your (sublime) music on the radio, music that takes you inside of your dreams, a wonderful world, I felt my body completely relax into a state of unexplainable well-being. It was just marvellous." Mrs. Chantal Genis
  • " that is both invigorating and relaxing. I felt myself being carried away on a cloud and on the waves of the sea and finally I found myself in a luxurious forest evoking certain works by Henri Rousseau." - Mrs. G. Brixhe
  • " ...the music | heard filled me with joy - you have really found pure and relaxing sounds. I predict a big future for this music... for its help with relaxation, concentration, religious matters and many other things... The words of this music would certainly have a very strong therapeutic power of auto-suggestion on many illnesses.." - Henri M.
  • " ...yesterday I felt so good listening to this music that relaxes people in hospitals. Here in prison, it's the day that creates a sense of group nervousness. If we were able to hear this music more often, it would be good therapy. I feel good when I listen to soft music. In freedom, if this music was played more often than other types of music, I am sure that the behavior of people would change..." - Robert Denaive ( prisoner )
  • " ...I felt a great, warm joy the first time I listened, and I experienced the desire to express myself and let my body go in order to experience this feeling more fully. Since then, every time l've played these tapes for others, the reactions have been positive; soothing, smiles, relaxation, warmth, are all expressions one often hears when people speak about this music. Personally, I also use it to work on certain contemporary dance exercises or to help me concentrate or calm down." - Mrs. Mélanie Diet
  • " ..I felt like it was the kind of music I had been expecting for years. I must say that after a car accident, I ended up in a wheelchair and my sensitivity as well as my emotions have strongly increased. You really feel, while listening to this music (I still listen to it now, I recorded it during the broadcast!) like it wasn't created by a human being but rather by Nature, just like the sound of wind blowing through leaves or the water of a river on rocks. I thought about the music from Vangelis but your music is more abstract, deeper and would almost make you cry (but not necessarily from sadness!). My wife, who doesn't react to music in the same way that I do, and who also doesn't like the same music as me, was touched by it just as I was. We are both teachers and think it would be interesting for our students to listen to this music, to see what reactions it can induce in 15 or 16 year old teenagers. I used to make them listen to soft music (organ-piano) during their written exams because I thought it would help them relax during those sometimes very hard exams, and they usually liked it. But this music goes farther and stimulates imagination and creativity." - Mr. Alain Havaux

  • "When I was still pregnant, I never thought about the sleepless nights and inconsolable moments that could leave me at a loss for what to do to help our little baby girl. I thought it would be easy and that I'd be able to handle everything. Boy was I in for a wake up call. I remember one night in particular that she was really fussy about 3 weeks after her birth, and nothing was helping. We went down the usual checklist; she had just been fed, she was in a clean diaper, she had been burped, etc. Finally, while walking around the house with her in my arms and I remembered I had The Cry of the Earth on my computer and I vaguely recalled being told how that song was used to soothe babies. I figured why not give it a chance. Nothing else was working to calm her anxiety. From the moment I started the music, her breathing calmed and she started to relax. I put her in her bassinet and within moments she fell right to sleep without her pacifier. She was soon sleeping so deeply that both of her arms fell open to her sides. It was amazing. I had never seen results like that with any of the other "lifesavers" we have come to rely on. On other occasions, l've tried Passage and Enlightened Heart and each time, if she's able to sleep, she does. There has even been nights where I've had all three on Repeat!" - Mrs Lindsay Preissner
  • "..Ever since I started listening to your tapes in the evening before I fall asleep, I have been able to have restful, deep sleep again. I have suffered from insomnia for years." - Simone Schirmer
  • "…..Having a very agitated temper... these sounds literally calmed me down... and put me back in balance. I believed I was in a small place in French speaking Brabant where I lived for 25 years. I could remember the beautiful summer evenings and nights... which came after hot days. I have been living in Brussels for nearly 19 years and these two evenings while listening to your music I felt that the ground was calling out to me, saying: 'I am still here... Don't be afraid' Needless to say that I slept very, very well those nights." - Mrs. Amard
  • "Oh what music! It charmed me right away. Sad, alone, I was lying in my bed overwhelmed with grief and unable to sleep, when I turned on the radio and heard this pleasant music. I felt deeply moved, regained my composure, and felt as if I was being carried away into another world, a world of sweetness, lightness, love and peace. My heart fluttered and tears began to run down my cheeks. To the rythm of these melodies, my body feels like expressing itself through dance to accompany it. But at the same time, it scares me, it's strange and powerful sounds penetrate so deeply within myself that nothing else remains but this music and me. I don't have the feeling that someone is plaving, but rather that it comes from the sky, from nature which is alive and inviting me. I feel as if I were governed by a soft natural force. Unlike the usual music that hurts my ears after a short while. this music flows within. provoking neither tension nor headaches. While I was trving to find a comfortable position in bed. I suddenly felt at ease. It induces a lot of positive effects, both spiritually and physically, and I would gladly listen to it for hours." - Mrs. Anne Thérèse Pâques
  • " When | heard the first part of the tape. I was Iving down in bed. because of my age (82 vears old). I felt a sensation of well- being, an absence of nervousness. in short I was. in a figurative sense, in an oasis of relaxation and freshness. My wish is to hear this passage when I go to bed, to help me put my mind at ease (I don't take any sleep inducing medication)." - Mrs. Van R. Wagner

  • "...So every action or creation that intentionally or unintentionally encourages engagement, growth, and development of individual conscience in particular, becomes, in effect, a gift offered to all. Listening to your music seemed to me like an invitation to exactly this opening, because it offers each person the opportunity to expand her own field of consciousness at her own rhythm and does so with extreme sensitivity. Listening to Catharsis, to Enlightened Heart, and the recent discovery of IDE in particular, converted me to your music, which brought me, among other things, great emotional comfort at this rather difficult time... I was able to observe the power of IDE in particular, a power that immediately, in the first listening, very effectively leads the listener to find a real doorstep to relaxation and calming in herself... as if this music induced deep inside one a kind of permission to let go in order to see more clearly... the psychosomatic responses are all equally strong, and unrestrained emotion can liberate... This is what attracts me the most. In Sophrology, work with Sound holds an important place in the global integration process. The total real-life experience of the sound in the body is already an important mode of exploration of our fields of consciousness, but here another dimension is offered to transform the thresholds of habitual blockages into passageways, like a meeting: the musical process thus allows one to journey through the mental state without leaving any time for defensive armor to interfere, it's really awesome!" - Myriam Conzett - Sophrological Consultant

  • "It lifts me up. I feel like I'm being carried away. Nothing can touch me; it's like I've found the way to happiness. It is victory, achievement, the attainment of accomplishment in my life. I no longer suffer. I am no longer subjected to that big empty feeling inside which nothing or no one can fill. It is a feeling of serenity, a feeling of resolution; I must move toward the right door. The little girl inside of me has won. It's the reward for such a long period of waiting. This door is the assessment of my life's achievements, almost as if I have completely oriented myself toward it, toward the future... And it is a beautiful feeling. It is completely different from my everyday way of thinking, from the disquiet I feel when confronted with events in my life. It is wonderful. All of the people and demons in me begin to struggle. But it's me: the little girl who grew up and became a woman. I feel at peace with myself. This music lifts me up. It is infinity; I don't believe in God, but it is heaven (she crosses her hands over her chest). It is forgiveness. Oh! It is forgiveness - it is forgiving me! Forgiveness with a capital F isn't an easy thing this moment, everything is imploring me to forgive, to forgive all of those people..." - Nicole Cler - Nurse
  • " ...To begin with, this new music radiates a serenity, a fullness, a greatness which struck me. One of your listeners used the term 'music from the beyond! I myself would say music from infinity, from the Cosmos and at the same time, at moments, music from the Earth, from the fruitfulness of the Earth. Is it a souvenir from my youth? Let me explain this to you: when I was a little girl and then a teenager, I spent part of my vacation at one of my grandmother's sister's house, on the French border, in a quiet hamlet called "La Marlière". My uncle used to get up early in the summer and would smoke his first pipe in the vegetable garden. Sometimes I had the distinguished honor of accompanying him. He went slowly, stopped walking, and tilted his head forward, half closing his eyes. One day (I was seven or eight years old) I asked him: 'What are you doing uncle?' He answered: 'I am listening, little girl; I am listening to the Earth! I didn't understand the importance of this lesson right away, but many years later when I had my own garden, some mornings or evening after a storm or a refreshing rain, I would repeat what my uncle used to do (I didn't smoke a pipe!) and would listen to the Earth. Your broadcast gave me great joy, peace, and serenity, and I thank you for this. May I suggest something to you? This music and these sounds should be broadcasted in schools, in jails and in all places where young people, aggressive and at odds with themselves, abandoned etc, are left by themselves. I think it would wake up their minds, make them become better people, more brotherly, less racist, in short that it would make them true human beings." - Mrs Bertrand
  • ". ...This music was just sublime! I can't find the words to express just what I felt at that moment: the passage you entitled 'The Cry of the Earth' was really the call of love of Mother Earth towards an unreal ideal and what we heard next was the materialization of this love which was very soothing. You will tell me that I am lyrical, but I am simply very receptive to any form of beauty and I always listen to music as an amateur. So I can assure you that I haven't heard deeply moving music like this for a very long time." - Mrs. Jeanne Van Dam
  • " ...I quickly laid down in the darkness with my eyes closed and then my body became heavy. My breathing, still short and nervous, became slow and deep without any control of my own. A certain sound made me think of a bird's call. I like nature a lot and for so many years I have dreamed about taking a walk in the forest in the fall ( unfortunately I hardly walk anymore as both my legs and spinal column is damaged ). I suddenly felt myself rise slowly to half the height of some very tall trees, and I saw the sky. The music became a marvelous bird's song that I love. It took quite some time for me to 'find myself again, still feeling light and under the charm of the music, and my pain and grief that had lasted for 34 years were insignificant. The next day I was still very far away from my grief. I was a lot more relaxed, and was more able to deal with life...' ." - Mrs. Marie Allaerts (handicapped woman)
  • "I don't know where the sound comes from. It seemed as if it was coming from everywhere, and that you, too, were hearing it. It brought back some painful the moment I was surprised (she makes a gesture of a knot in her solar plexus); and then there was a relief, serenity. I am an atheist, but there is something else in this music, something religious, even if I don't believe it." - Marcelle Pérea -auxiliary nurse
  • " ...By chance I heard the broadcast and I was very moved and inspired by this music that, as one listener said, brought me into a real dimension of "the beyond" that I had been searching for, and that I had never felt so strongly." - Mrs. Renée Rousseau

Our process makes it safe to go back and get into your backlog, or whatever emotions you've been repressing. This is a gentle and unintrusive method to provide you with an ongoing process to release emotional blocks,unproductive behaviors, and cultivate a deeper inner awareness of your patterns.